Welcome home. It is George’s lounge where you can sit back and relax, like your home.

How many people know there was an upstairs existed in the old George’s.
Such a thought while tipping the glass makes my time here a little special.
Georges’ Lounge isn’t flashy. But it gives special moment that brings back a memories of good old time in life.
Feel like you’ve been here before, the moment of déjà-vu.
Feel like you are wasting time at friend’s place, or maybe a cheap bar you used to hang out with your old buddies.
In the George’s lounge, things like talking to friends, dancing in the music, everything you do here make you feel special.
Maybe because that is what you have been always looking for, for a long time.
Lounge Image
Lounge Image
Lounge Image
In the George’s lounge, there is no set position for tables or chairs.
Weather you sit down or stand up, talk to your friends or dance, it’s all up to you.
Let’s invite your friends to your living room.
To the living room that exist on the upstairs of the soul legend.

  • For only lounge we accept a reservation
  • Please ask for private party